Good Corporate Governance

Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is one way to improve a company’s performance. GCG simply serves as guideline for all individuals in the company for making decision and conducting work based on high level of morality, compliance to the prevailing laws and regulations and consistent company’s accountability to its stakeholders.

Consistent implementation of GCG enables long term sustainability in terms of integration of social and environmental accountabilities with the risk management, opportunity searching and allocation of capital for the best benefit to the stakeholders.

GCG will lead to accountable business practices to assure positive and conducive GCG work environment, accountability to the market and community accountability and healthy and sustainable financial performance.

For prudent implementation of GCG, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk applies the following GCG principles:

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The Company assures transparency and objectivity in each process of decision making for business operation. The Company shall provide accessible and comprehensible material and relevant information to the stakeholders. The Company also shall take necessary initiatives to disclosure not only any information required by the articles of associations and the prevailing laws, but also any other matters that may significantly affect the stakeholders’ decision making.


The Company performs in high accountability and is responsible for any transparent and fair information in the interest of the company as required by the Company’s Articles of Associations, business conducts and ethics, and the corporate culture without prejudice to the stakeholders’ interest in view of the Company’s sustainable performance.


The Company is committed to holding the prudent principles and compliance to the Company’s regulations, Articles of Association and the prevailing laws with the required conduct for social responsibility for the benefit of the surrounding community and the environment by providing relevant plans and implementation for the sake of the Company’s business sustainability.


The Company is professionally manage by avoiding conflicts of interests and pressure from any parties not in accordance to the prevailing laws and healthy corporation principles.


While performing business conduct, the Company prioritizes matters within the fairness frame.


Getting full trust and support from all the stakeholders.

Year Achievement Score of GCG Assessor Assessment Type
2018 89,29 BPKP Provinsi DKI Jakarta Self Assessment
2019 93,06 BPKP Provinsi DKI Jakarta Self Assessment
2020 93,55 BPKP Provinsi DKI Jakarta Self Assessment
2021 94,52 BPKP Provinsi DKI Jakarta Self Assessment