Social Responsibility and Environmental Commitment

IPC car terminal is committed to providing the best for the surrounding environment consistently and sustainably through the Corporate Social Responsibility program as corporate efforts to maintain good relations with the surrounding community. In implementing this CSR program, the company uses triple bottom lines, which are planet, people, and profit, where the efforts to protect the surroundings (planet), and maintain the balance of social life (people), in line with the growth of the company profit (profit). 

This approach includes economic, social, and environmental performance, hoping that the company's existence is not only beneficial for the shareholders but also to fulfill and meet the stakeholders' expectations.

As a business entity, the IPC car terminal gives added value to the shareholders through dividends, and as an entity that is part of the community, IPC car terminal provides added value through a sustainable social responsibility program.


All the stakeholders in IPC Car Terminal environment include the community, customers, workers, shareholders, and government, which are interrelated and entitled to the positive impacts of the company's existence, the right to maximum company services with the competitive prices, security guarantee, and safety at work, eligible stock price and profit-sharing, and receive the reports regarding compliance on legal requirements.

The formulation of important issues that become a corporate social responsibility, which are:


The implementation of the IPC Car Terminal Social and Environmental Responsibility program refers to several regulations and laws, but is not limited, which are as follows:

IPC Car Terminal's social and environmental responsibility program is managed by the Corporate Secretary. The Board of Directors is fully committed to the distribution of CSR assistance as a form of corporate responsibility in the surrounding environment, where:

  1. The Board of Directors and the CSR Team are committed to make a work plan and CSR programs budget every year.
  2. The Board of Directors and the CSR Team participate in CSR distribution activities and monitor each activity, both before and after the CSR activity takes place
  3. The Board of Directors continuously implements the CSR Program consistently and maintains good relations with the surrounding community

The CSR program has been budgeted and programmed every year to be implemented in the current fiscal/financial year. the mechanism for determining the CSR program budget is set out in the work plan and budget for the current year. the realization of the implementation of the CSR program along with the realization of costs is always reported to the board of directors and communicated to the stakeholders by the annual report and sustainability report.

IPC Car Terminal consistently and continuously implements CSR as part of the company activities. In 2020, IPC Car Terminal made a change in direction and focus as well as the CSR theme from the previous “Rangkul Warga” to “IKT Peduli”. this theme contains the meaning of being closer to the surrounding environment based on morals according to company values. The theme contains philosophical and psychological meanings which are translated as corporate efforts to maintain good relations with the surrounding community.

IKT Peduli aims to create a harmonious, balanced, and appropriate relationship with the environment, norms, and culture of the local community and become an added value for the company. the direction and focus of the CSR program from IPC Car Terminal, namely IKT Peduli, are as follows: