Risk is not something that should be avoided, But something that should be embraced with accurate mitigation

Building a risk awareness in managing a corporation is a must, as a public company, IPCC aware that Risk Management implementation is a basic need in improving Value Added also to keep sustaining Company' s business and to keep shareholders & stakeholders trust toward IPCC.

The IPCC understands that the implementation of Risk Management is a basic requirement, not only because of government orders or regulations, the Risk Owner must realize that every person in a company is a leader in each of his fields, therefore everyone must be able to maintain their respective fields. each so that they can achieve the expected targets / targets, where to achieve these goals certainly will not avoid a risk.

The IPCC through the Compliance Directorate in charge of Risk Management continues to enhance its role in assisting and escorting each Risk Owner to achieve its targets, this commitment is guaranteed by the IPCC Management by conducting various activities related to Risk Awareness and socialization on a regular basis to all Risk Owners and building supporting infrastructure.


Below is the Statement of Joint Commitment Implementation of a Risk Aware Culture

Organization Structure

Below is the Risk Management Organization Structure in IPC Car Terminal

Road Map

Below is the Roadmap for Risk Management in IPC Car Terminal


Below is the Awards for Risk Management in IPC Car Terminal
Economic Review Risk Management Award